Meet the BoardVisionairs in Education & Sports

Our advisory board play a critical role in the success of our programs and the development of our young student- athletes both from abroad and in The Netherlands.

Visionair in Global EducationMr. Jelle

As an educational senior professional with extensive experience in the Chinese market, I have seen first-hand the importance of a strong education system in shaping the future of a country.

International sports programs combined with higher education provide a new and progressive avenue for students to gain valuable experience and earn degrees. By participating in sports programs at an international level, students not only develop their athletic skills, but also gain a unique cultural and global perspective that is highly valued in today’s workforce.

Overall, international sports programs combined with higher education offer a unique and progressive approach to achieving both academic and athletic success, while also providing students with valuable skills and experiences that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Visionair in International BusinessMr. Curtis

As an international sports business professional with a focus on student travel, I have seen firsthand the impact of Dutch soccer on a global scale. With experience of developing soccer travel with Arsenal FC, AC Milan and FC Barcelona, we develop programs that are out of the box.

Dutch soccer has become a magnet for young players and students from around the world who want to experience the unique approach to the game that the Netherlands is famous for. The Cruyff philosophy, with its emphasis on skill, creativity, and flair, has become synonymous with Dutch soccer and is a key attraction for foreign players and students.

In addition to the economic benefits, Dutch soccer also provides an excellent opportunity for international students who are interested in pursuing careers in sports management, coaching, or related fields. The Netherlands has a strong tradition of providing high-quality education, and many universities offer specialized programs in sports management and related fields.

(L-R) Albert van der Dussen van ADO Den Haag

Visionair in International SportsMr. Albert
v.d. Dussen

With my experience as Academy Director of ADO Den Haag, Ajax Amsterdam and Fulham FC , I have seen firsthand the benefits of international training, scouting, and placement programs.

These programs not only give young athletes the opportunity to develop their skills and gain invaluable experience, but they also offer the chance to earn higher education degrees.What sets these programs apart is the combination of high-level sports training with access to higher education. Through partnerships with top universities and academic institutions, our athletes have the opportunity to earn degrees in fields ranging from sports management to business and marketing.

Whether you are a young athlete looking to take the next step in your career or a club looking to develop your talent pipeline, our international programs offer a unique and valuable experience for all involved.